Terms & Conditions

Terms of use for Cydonia Diet

Terms of use

A) For each product or service order, the user and candidate Cydonia Diet initially must register as a member of Cydonia Diet, ie create a free account with the password he / she wishes and who can be suspended at any time by the same user, as well as by us if we judge that it is beyond our ethics and the GDPR's personal data requirements.

B) When creating the account, he or she can add the product, or the products he or she wants or not to make, to the shopping cart.

C) If he does not agree with the completion of the order, he can either remove some of the products or change them or cancel the entire order.

D) If he agrees with the order acceptance card, which is in the shopping cart, by pressing the acceptance button, he accepts the terms of the order. To proceed directly with the order, the following terms must be readily accepted:

1) Make a phone call of our order, which will be made on delivery of 35% of the price of the product deposited in a bank account.

2) send us by mail, or by fax appended a copy of the deposit with the name, address of the sending of the item to move it and the document will be destroyed safely immediately made solely for certification of natural ordering the legal entity and does not fall into any records in our records conventionally or digitally because it is personal data.

3) Wait for reply mail, that the order has begun and that the product is immediately delivered.

4) Shipping costs are charged exclusively to him, whether by mail or by courier, or by courier and not recorded at the price quoted.

5) If there is no equivalent for any delay or even damage that is not due to us, we do not have any liability.

E) ONLY & ONLY THESE !!! That is, if you agree to the above, the order will be implemented and you will soon have the product you ordered at the address you indicated to us.